News • 01 Mar 2019

Get back on track with our mental health group sessions

Get back on track with our mental health group sessions
Getting on Track group sessions at Open Minds Mental Health Hub

Did you know your mental health care plan includes 10 group sessions in addition to individual sessions? Join us at the Open Minds Mental Health Hub at Morayfield to benefit from these sessions.

‘Getting on Track’ group sessions are running at the Open Minds Mental Health Hub at Morayfield, and are facilitated by a Mental Health Clinician. They are designed to be fun, light-hearted, interactive and provide a safe environment for sharing of experiences while you’re waiting for your appointment.

These sessions are designed for people with mild to moderate mental health concerns. You might be:

  • going through a tough time at work or lifes’ daily struggles
  • experiencing lifestyle changes such as job changes, marital problems, sickness
  • disconnected from friends and/or family
  • needing some support to get back on track with daily life


Topics that will be covered:

  • Positive Activities “Boosting Your Batteries” 
  • Problem Solving
  • Promoting Helpful Thinking 
  • Managing Reactions (Mindfulness, relaxation etc)
  • Rebuilding Healthy Social Connections                                  
  • Self Care (diet, lifestyle, sleep)


When are the sessions?

Tuesdays between 1-2pm for 6 weeks.

What is the cost?

With a mental health care plan you will be eligible for a rebate. If you do not have a mental health care plan, please speak with the Health Hub Doctors Morayfield or your GP for options. 

How do I book?

Phone: 1300 696 463