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Congratulations finalists of 2021 QLD Mental Health Achievement Awards!

08 Sep 2021

Congratulations to the finalists who have been shortlisted in the 2021 Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards – for their incredible work and achievements in mental health!

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Open Minds introduces new youth program name, YOUTH BLOOM Transition Services

12 Aug 2021

Open Minds youth program, Transition to Post Care Support Initiative (TPSCI) has been given a new and improved name, YOUTH BLOOM Transition Services, to better describe the program objectives and be more meaningful and relatable to young people and industry partners.

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Welcoming Jacenta, our newest Behaviour Support Practitioner at Open Minds

11 Aug 2021

Jacenta has recently joined the team at Open Minds as a Behaviour Support Practitioner, covering the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas. The team is expanding and has capacity to take on new clients who have Improved Relationships outlined in their NDIS plans.

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Impacts of COVID-19 on mental health

10 Aug 2021

As millions of Australians are dealing with lockdowns due to recent spikes in cases of COVID-19, what is the impact on their mental health?

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Taking steps in the right direction with support from Open Minds youth program

06 Aug 2021

B.J., 18 years old from Logan, is kicking goals and staying out of trouble thanks to the support he receives from Open Minds Youth Bloom Transition Services.

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My Wattle Day - Celebrating Australia, its people, and the roots of Open Minds

03 Aug 2021

National Wattle Day is celebrated on 1st September each year, it’s a growing celebration for Australia and our people. Learn how you can get involved with Wattle Day this year, and find out how Open Minds started it’s 100 year history as the Queensland Wattle Day League.

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Your pathway to Specialist Disability Accommodation and Supported Independent Living

21 Jul 2021

Open Minds has partnered with Adapt Housing to offer clients a range of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) housing with Supported Independent Living (SIL). Here's a run-down of what SDA and SIL mean, and the pathway to get funding for that dream-home!

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Supporting cultural heritage this NAIDOC Week

08 Jul 2021

Gerard, aged 39 years from Townsville, loves celebrating his Aboriginal heritage during NAIDOC Week by attending the NAIDOC March followed by the dance celebrations at the NAIDOC Deadly Day Out.

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COVID-19 Vaccine rollout and resources

06 Jul 2021

The health and safety of our clients and employees are of the highest importance to us. As such, Open Minds is treating COVID-19 as a top priority and is taking all possible steps to reduce the risks to our clients, their families, our employees and the wider community.

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SIL roommates making holiday memories to improve health

03 Jul 2021

Jeffery, aged 67 years and Ryan, aged 57 years from the Redlands Bay area recently enjoyed a short holiday at the Gold Coast thanks to detailed planning and facilitation from the Open Minds team.

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Open Minds reaches new highs in meeting clients’ needs

01 Jul 2021

Results from a client experience survey conducted in late 2020, reveals that Open Minds achieved a new record in client satisfaction.

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Using a lived experience of post-natal depression and PTSD to help those with mental illness

01 Jul 2021

Kylee, Support Worker with Open Minds, experienced post-natal depression and PTSD many years ago. Today she uses her personal experiences to help guide clients through their own challenges with mental health.

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