YOUTH BLOOM Transition Services

YOUTH BLOOM Transition Services

YOUTH BLOOM Transition Services, enables young people (15- 21) who are under the guardianship of the Department of Child Safety or have exited the statutory care in the past, to learn new skills and become independent.

This support is available up to the age of 21, to ensure the young person remains supported through the early stages of adulthood.  Our vision is for young people to learn to be independent in a healthy, fun and safe way. 

This program aims to provide support as early as possible and avoid negative environmental and personal influences on young people leaving care once they turn 18. Supports are ideal for those with common needs such as absence of formal support, underdeveloped skills, lack of community engagement, right through to more complex needs including ASD, Depression, Anxiety, AOD issues, Intellectual impairment and Physical disability.  



  • 15 – 21 years of age 
  • Living in or have lived in, Out-of-homecare under the guardianship of the Department of Child Safety 
  • Have a disability, mental health support needs or other reasons that make leaving care or being on their own difficult. 


  • Help identify the young person’s strengths and skills 
  • Work through the young person’s goals and skills required to reach them 
  • Work alongside decision makers in young person’s life  
  • Support navigating Social Housing options/ Centrelink/Education/ QCAT applications/ NDIS application/ YHARS application/ TILA application  
  • Develop daily living skills such as cooking, transport, budgeting, social skills, communication skills 
  • Increase community linkages to reduce social isolation 
  • Maintain support into early years of adulthood: work, friendship groups, housing and emotional regulation through expressive therapies such as Symbol work and Sandplay therapy  

Other areas we can assist with:  

  • Court attendance and access to Legal Support 
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing issues  
  • Referral to AOD Services  
  • Anger management/Stress management 
  • Education and Traineeship 
  • Group activities 
  • Individual art and craft activities  
  • Physical activities/Hiking/Swimming/Camping  
  • Free items such as electronics, furniture, clothing and sport equipment through the GIVIT charity organisation  


This program is funded by the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs. 
There is no out of pocket expenses to the young person or family. 

What to expect 

Our Transitions Officers have specialised skills to understand a young persons’ needs and guide them into healthy, stable, and independent lives.  Our Team work directly with the young person, as the driver of their journey, and walk alongside them in a compassionate, supportive, and mentoring role. 





You can enquire by calling 1300 673 664, emailing or be referred by a representative at the Department of Child Services.

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