Linda Read

Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Linda is the newest member of the Open Minds’ Behaviour Support Team. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and skills built from over twenty years’ experience working within the community services sectors in New Zealand and Australia. Linda has extensive experience and skills working alongside people with an intellectual disability or dual diagnosis and providing positive behaviour support and staff training within this area.
Linda is passionate about person-centred individualised support that is responsive to the person’s needs and addresses the underlying causes of behaviours of concern while upholding and safeguarding the dignity and quality of life of the person. She gains great personal satisfaction and enjoys working collaboratively to achieve goals and outcomes for the person.
Linda’s favourite quote is:
“when we look for the reason behind behaviour (or, what the behaviour is communicating), we place ourselves in a much better position to support the person rather than simply manage behaviour. When  we support the person, we enable positive communication and greater well-being for all.” Elissa Plumridge, 2020.