Alexis Pagomenos

Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Alexis is a 4th year Psychology graduate with a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour and mental health. He has three years of experience building rapport and supporting young people with additional needs and complex behaviours. Alexis started with Open Minds in 2022 as a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner and strongly believes in promoting the strengths of the client and utilising empirically supported practices to help clients foster positive change in their quality of life.    

In collaboration with the wide range of allied health professionals involved in clients’ lives, Alexis aims to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and limitations of his role as a PBSP through reflective practice. Alexis will strive to use this understanding to create more holistic, bespoke, and effective behaviour support plans which promote the clients’ strengths and support positive change.   

Alexis says “My position at Open Minds has provided me with the opportunity to use my knowledge of psychology, my creativity, and my empathy to reduce the use of restrictive practices and improve the quality of life for the people I work with through connection and understanding.”