Being active in my community

We understand the challenges of getting out and about in your local area. We can support you to enjoy where you live and meet new people.

Being an active member of your community is a positive step to living independently and creating social networks you can engage with regularly.  We will work alongside you to participate in activities ranging from recreation and leisure through to personal development and overall better health outcomes.


  • Work with you to identify recreational and leisure goals
  • Support to identify barriers to participation
  • Provide suggestions to manage personal barriers
  • Access to local community groups of interest
  • Exposure to recreational activities


  • Reduced isolation and increased community participation
  • Become a valued member of your community
  • Increased confidence and self worth
  • Social networks
  • Increased independence
  • Overall better physical and mental health by being active

“I like to go to the waterfront to the shops, and get a Hava Heart ice cream. We do cooking classes every Tuesday, I liked learning how to cook chocolate crackles.”


Open Minds Client

What is the NDIS?

For the first time, people with a disability in Australia will get to choose where and how to access their supports.

This service is offered at the following locations:

  • 07 3896 4222
  • 07 3158 4111
  • 07 3158 4111
  • 07 3158 4111
  • 1300 69 6463
Sunshine Coast
  • 1300 673 664
  • 07 3897 1829
  • 02 5699 9999
  • 07 3158 4111
  • 07 4412 7200
  • 02 5699 9999

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