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Our programs

Our programs

Enhance your recovery journey with our free programs.


The Open Minds YOU+ and Living Well workshops are suite of programs designed for people living with mental illness to enable them to better access the community and work towards recovery. Each program is delivered during the day, with the opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. All YOU+ and Living Well Workshops are free for Open Minds clients, and refreshments are provided. Read through the program descriptions below and contact us on to find out more about how you can get involved.


A fortnightly session that allows you to learn the art of mindfulness, which can help you with simple and effective ways to steady the mind, give clarity to thoughts, and help you manage stress.

PEER Support

Meet new people, speak up about your experiences and share your journey of recovery. Everyone’s journey is unique, and sharing experiences can provide the opportunity to learn, encourage, and move forward in life.

H.E.A.T Cooking group

Healthy Eats And Treats is a six week workshop to learn how to cook healthy and easy meals on a budget. The group covers food safety, and you can cook delicious meals to take home with you.


Join us for food, friends and fun!

Shy no longer

A 10 week group program for those who experience social anxiety. The program is designed to help you cope better in social situations, by addressing barriers and working towards overcoming them.

Wise choices

These workshops are based on acceptance and commitment therapy, and helps people with personality vulnerabilities. It aims to raise awareness of values, and help you live a rich and meaningful life.


This program covers nutrition, health, diet, exercise, social connections, pathways to access mental health service, and touches on mindfulness.

Inside out

Learn how to recognize and respond effectively to your emotions and the emotions of others. Developing this ability can contribute to greater mental wellbeing, healthier relationships, and more rewarding social outcomes.

Build self compassion

Learn how to be less critical and more compassionate towards yourself by breaking down the barriers causing self criticism and doubt. Learn how to think, act and live with self kindness.


If you’re a client of Open Minds and want to find out more about any of these programs, contact us on

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