News • 17 May 2019

Mental health online peer support

Open Minds is delighted to partner with SANE Australia to host a free and anonymous online forum for anyone with mental health concerns. Peer support (speaking to people who have experienced similar situations to you) is incredibly important for those affected by complex mental illness.

Our partnership with SANE Australia means that we can bring you online peer support through our forums – an online community for those living with mental illness, or those who care for someone who lives with a mental illness.

These forums provide peer support, which means that you can speak to people who have experienced similar mental health concerns to you, and you can benefit from the shared learning and understanding that you gain.

The forums allow you to talk to people who know exactly what you’re going through. You can chat to people online to get support from people who have been there before, and perhaps support others who are just starting to understand their own mental health journey. That’s what peer support is all about!

The forums are always open and there when you need them, moderated by trained professionals.

You can be assured that they are:

  • Safe
  • Anonymous
  • Free

Simply setup your free account and make your first post here on the Open Minds SANE Forums.

Sometimes, you and your brain need a little help getting along. That’s where the Open Minds SANE Forums can come in handy – join the forums today to chat anonymously to others experiencing similar mental health concerns to you.

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