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International Day of Happiness: 10 tips for increasing happiness

International Day of Happiness is celebrated annually in March and aims to make people around the world realise the importance of happiness.

When it comes to increasing happiness, simple actions have a profound impact and can go a long way in improving overall satisfaction and wellbeing.

  1. Connecting with others

    Connection is described as the feeling of belonging. It is a basic human need that impacts on many aspects of our wellbeing. Building meaningful relationships with those around us not only increases happiness, but also lowers levels of stress, anxiety and depression. You can stay connected by spending time with family, reaching out to friends or starting a new activity.
  2. Spending time in nature

    Studies show spending time in nature can improve mood, decrease stress and improve memory. Being outside offers us a respite from the daily grind and contributes to a sense of ‘restorativeness’. Try a 20-minute walk in the park as an easy mood booster!
  3. Getting creative

    Having a creative output can help us to relax, unwind and process emotions. It also brings a sense of achievement and boosts self–esteem. For some, creativity may seem out of reach – but in reality, it is something everyone can access. Some creative hobbies include colouring, collaging, singing, dancing, cooking, gardening and writing poetry.
  4. Exercising

    The idea that exercise increases happiness has been around for decades. According to scientists, moving our bodies fundamentally changes our brains – both in the moment and over time. Exercising releases mood–enhancing chemicals like serotonin and dopamine and can affect overall positivity. Some effective exercises for de–stressing include walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and boxing.
  5. Prioritising sleep

    A continued lack of sleep can have a negative impact on our ability to be happy. Being sleep deprived can make it harder to pay attention, squash our creativity and make us irritable. To get a better rest, be consistent with sleep times, minimise noise and cut caffeine late in the day.
  6. Practicing gratitude

    This one might sound obvious, but keeping a positive mindset can help us to increase happiness on a daily basis. We can practice gratitude by reflecting on happy moments and stopping to appreciate the wonderful people in our lives. We all define happiness differently, so take some time to explore what it means, what it looks like and what it feels like to live a life filled with more purpose.
  7. Decluttering

    Clutter impacts our ability to focus and limits our capacity to process information. While decluttering might sound like a big project, setting aside just 20 minutes a week to tidy can have a huge impact. Keeping an organised space increases self–worth, creates healthy habits and boosts productivity, leading to increased happiness. And a tip – tackle one task at a time.
  8. Meditating

    Happiness is readily accessible, but it can easily be buried underneath overwhelming thoughts and emotions. This is where meditation comes in! Meditation can help to increase happiness by nurturing the mind to be calmer, clearer, and more content. Even better, it is something everyone can do to improve their mental and emotional health.
  9. Speaking up

    When we advocate for our own needs, we feel more in control of our lives. Learning how to be assertive and express ourselves can help us to overcome interpersonal challenges and achieve positive results. To better self–advocate, we need to understand our own needs, communicate clearly and not be afraid to ask for help.
  10. Seeking support

    Reaching out for support is a sign of strength and courage. It is also a positive step towards enhancing health and wellbeing. People struggling with their mental wellbeing may be eligible for support with Open Minds. To find out more about Open Minds individualised NDIS Psychosocial Disability Supports, call our friendly team today on 1300 673 664.

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