News • 16 Apr 2019

Finding Support Workers who connect with my daughter

“Open Minds has made an enormous difference to both my life and my daughter’s life. The support they provide her with is just amazing.” – Gemma*, Mother of Open Minds Client, Hannah*.

Hannah, from Petrie in Moreton Bay, had never been trusting of Support Workers until she started receiving support from Open Minds. 

18 months on, Hannah has made tremendous progress. 

When Hannah’s Mother, Gemma first came to Open Minds, she had received support for her daughter from other providers but was unable to find any Support Workers who truly connected with Hannah.

Hannah didn’t trust any Support Workers enough to let them into her life, which left Gemma as her main carer.

When Open Minds Support Workers began working with Hannah, their gentle and caring approach allowed Hannah to let them get close to her.

Gemma said: “Now that we’ve got Shirelle (Open Minds Support Worker), Hannah trusts her and they laugh and joke together. Other Mums of children with disabilities actually tell me they wish they had Support Workers who connected that well with their children!”

Shirelle supports Hannah with daily living activities, personal care, cooking, attending appointments, accessing the community, and having some fun doing her hair and makeup.

Shirelle said: “Being able to work with Hannah to encourage her to believe in herself is really rewarding. Reassurance is key and enabling her to believe in her abilities.”

Open Minds has also recently supported Hannah and Gemma with Hannah’s NDIS funding application.

Gemma said: “Now that I have more time for me, I am spending more time in the kitchen cooking and getting back in the garden. Next step is to work with Open Minds to allow Hannah to trust more Support Workers, and I am dreaming of being able to step out the house for a cold beer at the pub!

“Life is looking up for me. I have wonderful support for my girl, it feels like I have waited a lifetime, but a lifetime worth waiting for.”

*Names changed to protect the identity of Client and Mother

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