News • 27 May 2019

Coastal Supports mental health support now available

Coastal Supports mental health support now available

Open Minds has launched a new program on the Sunshine Coast and in Gympie - Coastal Supports NPS (National Psychosocial Supports) - for those living with mental illness who are not eligible for NDIS funding.

Coastal Supports (National Psychosocial Support) is a new program provided by Open Minds, offering group and one-on-one community based support to help people living with severe mental illness to achieve their recovery goals.

This new support service is funded by the Central Queensland, Wide Bay & Sunshine Coast PHN and is operated by Open Minds across the Sunshine Coast and in Gympie.

The service aims to improve service delivery to people whose ill mental health is affecting their day-to-day life, but they are ineligible for NDIS funding.

Depending on the person’s needs, this new service may include assistance to enhance social and emotional skills, family/relationship connections, managing daily living needs, financial and housing management, vocational skills, physical wellbeing and broader life skills.

Coastal Supports is for people aged between 18-65 living with a severe mental illness who are unlikely to be eligible for NDIS funding.

They must also not be a current participant of an existing community mental health program such as Partners in Recovery, Day to Day Living and Personal Helpers and Mentors, or one funded by Queensland Health.

Catherine Pharazyn, Manager of the Coastal Supports program at Open Minds, said: “We hope the new program will make a real difference to the community, especially to those who have been unsuccessful in applying for NDIS funding but still need support to build life skills.”

If you’re interested in this service, get in touch on 1300 673 664 or email: You do not need a referral to access this service.

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