News • 25 Jan 2019

Back on the road again with CREST support

With the support of CREST (Community Re-Entry Services Team) in Townsville, John was able to turn his life around after prison, regain his driver license, and shift his mindset from negative to positive.

John began working with Scott, Case Worker at CREST, whilst in prison to prepare for his release.

Upon his release in July 2018, Scott continued to support him to successfully re-enter the community and avoid recidivism (reoffending).

Firstly, Scott worked with John to gain the required personal identification he needed to begin searching for a home while he stayed with his Aunt. This included a proof of age card, a birth certificate, and a Medicare card.

Next, Scott worked with John to undertake a Men’s Behavioural Change Program, and provided a bus pass to support his attendance.

John’s drivers license had been suspended, so Scott worked with John to follow up through SPER and the Department of Transport to have the suspension lifted and his licence renewed

The CREST support didn’t stop there, whilst John occasionally had access to his uncle’s car, he was at a loss when it wasn’t available. CREST sourced a bicycle for John to use when he didn’t have access to the car, so he never missed the behaviour program or other important appointments.

Last but certainly not least, Scott assisted John to find a unit to call home, and CREST provided him with funding for his bond and household essentials.

John is currently participating in a Workways Job Agency program four days a week, gaining skills in decorative gardening construction.

John said: “If it wasn’t for CREST, I would be couch surfing from house to house or back in prison.

“CREST has done everything they said they could do for me. They followed through with everything and they assisted me to get stable accommodation.

“Next on my list of goals is to find full-time employment, and to be more socially active with my family as I haven’t been around much over the year being in and out of prison.”

As a Case Worker for CREST, Scott’s main role was to collaborate with John’s Parole Officer, plus any other agencies supporting John, to set him up for success whilst on parole.

After three months post release support from CREST, John has indeed achieved success on parole.

Scott said: “I feel privileged to have shared in John’s journey and to have provided positive co-case management support alongside John’s Probation and Parole Manager.”

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