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5 podcasts about mental health that you have to hear

5 podcasts about mental health that you have to hear

No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a podcast for everything. There are plenty of podcasts about mental health support — here’s a list of some of the best rated to subscribe to.

Podcasts have the niche ability to be both entertaining and informative. Everywhere you look there’s a viral new podcast hit about a true crime story or comedy icon.

That’s the beauty of podcasts—whatever you’re interested in, there’s sure to be a series you can subscribe to.

With the hustle and bustle becoming more prevalent and work-life balance becoming more unbalanced, podcasts are now the easiest and most affordable way of digest some of the best media around.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are a long-format audio—and sometimes video—format of delivering nuanced discussion and conversion on single or multiple topics.

They operate on a subscription model, meaning new episodes will be downloaded automatically when available.

Here are the best reviewed podcasts to listen to all about mental health, self-care and depression:

1. The Anxiety Shut-In Hour

We’ll start with a home-grown podcast — The Anxiety Shut-In Hour.

Although the show’s no longer in production, the back catalogue is easily worth a look-in.

Hosted by Erin and Anna, the two have an amazing chemistry and immediate rapport, which makes it a treat to listen to each episode.

It’s equally funny and self-aware with a professional, yet approachable, discussion about their experiences with mental health and anxiety.

2. Mr. Feels: A Mental Health Podcast

Tyler May and Laura Benson, hosts of Mr. Feels, aim to break the barriers and stigmas surrounding mental health.

They want to promote an open and honest dialogue with people struggling about their mental health problems.

Through their own personal stories and those of their interview guests, the hosts both educate and empathise about mental health, anxiety and depression.

The Mr. Feels team also provide an incredible amount of sources and articles in each episode discussion’s description.

This podcast is perfect for those looking to go the extra step.

3. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

This is a fascinating podcast.

Host Gregg Clunis deep dives into the simple behaviours and natures that we perform every day and relates how their worth into setting actionable goals.

Though it may be drier than some other podcasts, Clunis’ day-to-day strategies in Tiny Leaps, Big Changes can make a significant impact on your wellbeing and mental health.

4. Mentally Yours

Mentally Yours comes to us from the UK where Yvette and Ellen talk to guests and try to breakdown the opposing factors toward mental health.

Topics recently discussed on the show include hearing voices, dealing with panic attacks and self-consciousness.

The hosts make it okay to talk about hard-hitting subject matter through uncompromising and honest discussion. 

5. Bryony Gordon’s Mad World

Brought to you by The Telegraph, Bryony Gordon’s Mad World is a brilliant interview-based podcast surrounding mental health and those who’ve been affected.

She’s talked to some esteemed guests including Prince Harry and Stephen Fry about their brush with mental health.

It’s an engaging and confronting podcast that is a must listen.

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