Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards

Open Minds are proud to be the host for the Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards

What are the Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards?

The Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of individuals, groups and organisations working tirelessly to reduce stigma and support and empower those living with mental illness.

When are the Awards presented?

The awards are presented at a ceremony over breakfast on Friday 12th October in Brisbane city centre, exact location to be confirmed. 

Can I nominate?

You can nominate yourself or your organisation for an award if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates respect, compassion and care towards people who live with mental illness, and their families and/or carers
  • Works to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of people who live with mental illness
  • Promotes social justice and raise mental health awareness in the community
  • Demonstrates qualities of leadership, vision and innovation
  • Promotes positive attitudes towards people with mental illness, their families and carers
  • Delivers best practice services for people who live with mental illness
  • Demonstrates effective collaboration and consultation with consumers, their families and/or carers and other relevant agencies

Winners receive an engraved tophy and framed certificate, and the overarching Earle Duus Memorial Award winner also receives a $4,000 incentive to continue their positive initiatives and programs.


How do I nominate for an award?

If you or a person or organisation you know have worked to support and empower those with mental illness, then you can nominate for one of our prestigious awards.

Nomination is easy, simply download a nomination prospectus by clicking the link below then complete the online application form

But hurry - nominations close on Monday 3rd Spetember 2018!

Remember you can always opt to email a pdf of your completed nomination form to events@openminds.org.au.




How can I sponsor an award?

This event brings together over 200 industry professionals from across Queensland. Show your support for the achievements of mental health heroes by sponsoring the event or one of the award categories. 

Download a sponsorship prospectus by clicking the link below.


Ready to nominate?

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