News • 28 Aug 2023

Tanya lives a life of purpose as an entrepreneur

Tanya was a client of Open Minds for more than 20 years before realising her passion for pottery.

Around 18 months ago, one of Tanya’s Open Minds Support Workers introduced her to pottery and she took to it quickly and soon realised she had a knack for creating beautiful artwork.

It was then that Tanya decided to start a small business and sell her creations at local markets.

Creativity ran in the family and Tanya’s mum also came on board with the business, focusing her skills on creating textiles such as bags and purses, to compliment the pottery.

In order to start the business, Tanya and her mum needed a business name, it wasn’t long until Tanya’s mum came up with Kwirky Krafts, to encapsulate both their skills.

Tanya said that she thoroughly enjoys being creative and working with pottery.

“I am passionate about both painting and hand building items using clay. When I’m feeling angry or upset, playing with clay helps me to feel better and brightens my day,” said Tanya.

“I had all these pottery items I had made and I wondered what I should do with all of it. That’s when mum and I decided we’d start the business and sell both the pottery I’d made as well as the textiles mum makes.”

Tanya specialises in making pot plants, figurines, bowls, plates and dishes.

Her mum makes bags, purses, table runners, doggy bag holders, shopping bags, and table mats.

The duo have been selling their work at markets in Moggil and Mt Crosby, and they are wanting to expand to more locations.

Tanya first came to Open Minds back when she was still living at home with her mum in her mid-twenties, and her mum wanted to help her reach her goal of living independently.

Coming to Open Minds meant that she was able to get a place of her own and have support when she needed it.

These days, a change of circumstances has her back living with mum, along with Tanya’s 14 year old daughter, who also likes to occasionally help out with the pottery.

Tanya now has around 10 hours of support each week from Open Minds to assist her with cooking, shopping and accessing the community.

“My favourite things to make for the markets are fun figurines like Minecraft type ones. I try to think of what the kids are into as these are what they will want to buy.” Tanya added.

Next, Tanya is starting to venture into making things out of resin and is looking forward to selling lots of gifts in the lead-up to Christmas.

Interested in supporting Tanya’s business and purchasing something from Kwirky Krafts? Here’s where you can find her:

Moggill – 1st Saturday of every month 9am-2pm Moggill — Jamboree Events
Mt Crosby – 3rd Saturday of every month 9am-2pm Brookfield — Jamboree Events

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