Positive Behaviour Support

Open Minds have qualified and experienced staff to ensure support needs are understood by those providing support services to create a rewarding plan.

Open Minds is an experienced provider in the application of evidence-based approaches to improve quality of life for people who have complex support needs. Our experienced specialist staff work with clients, families, support workers, stakeholders, decision makers and our network of professionals in the mental health and disability sector to support people to live meaningful lives in their community.


  • Assistance with shopping
  • Accessing Public Trust and other services
  • Accessing Centrelink
  • Assistance with cooking and meal preparation
  • Support with cleaning
  • Personal Care (Hygiene and grooming support)
  • PEG Feeding
  • Continence assessment and care
  • Assessment for equipment, modifications and aids, including hoists and chairs
  • Allied Health referral assessment (we can recommend other avenues of health support)


  • Ensuring you receive the correct Centrelink entitlements
  • Support to make positive health and lifestyle choices
  • Building financial independence
  • Creating a good level of personal hygiene
  • Taking control of your choices
  • Personal independence
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased participation in activities
  • Capacity building

What is Positive Behaviour Support?

This video by UK Based organisation, Bild, explains Positive Behaviour Support effectively:

“I can finally relax. I’m elderly and living with cancer, I’m not going to live forever. So it’s a huge relief to see my loved one so settled and calm in his new home. I’m delighted with how wonderful the staff are at Open Minds, they have been good to Wayne and I just can’t fault them. Wayne is so much calmer now than he ever was before, so I’m just thrilled. Wayne has come a really long way since Open Minds have been supporting him, and I’m amazed at how much he’s changed for the better.”


Mother of Open Minds Client

What is the NDIS?

For the first time, people with a disability in Australia will get to choose where and how to access their supports.

This service is offered at the following locations:

  • 1300 673 664
  • 1300 673 664
  • 1300 673 664
  • 1300 673 664
  • 1300 673 664
  • 1300 673 664
Sunshine Coast
  • 1300 673 664
  • 1300 673 664
  • 1300 673 664

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