News • 09 Apr 2018

A positive future for Wayne

With aging carers, it was crucial for Wayne to find somewhere to live, have assistance with daily living tasks, complex support, and positive behaviour support. Wayne and his family were relieved that Open Minds were able to provide the support he needed for a positive future.

“Wayne has come a really long way since Open Minds have been supporting him, and I’m amazed at how much he’s changed for the better.” Moya, aged 78, mother of Complex Support Needs son, Wayne.

Wayne, aged 55, was born with brain damage, causing him to have a low mental age, physical impairments, and severe and persistent mental illness.

His mother, Moya, had always been his devoted main carer, however being 78 years old and undergoing cancer treatment, it was important to her that Wayne had alternative living and carer arrangements to ensure he’d receive the care he needed in the future.

That’s where Open Minds came in. The Open Minds team worked with Wayne and his family to find him a new home where he’d feel comfortable and receive the best care to work towards a positive future.

Not only has Wayne settled in well to his new home at an Open Minds residence, but he’s now calmer and happier – and the time he spends with his mum and brother is quality time together at Wivenhoe Dam, eating fish and chips and playing with his toys.

Moya said: “I can finally relax. I’m elderly and living with cancer, I’m not going to live forever. So it’s a huge relief to see my loved one so settled and calm in his new home. I’m delighted with how wonderful the staff are at Open Minds, they have been good to Wayne and I just can’t fault them.”

Wayne has demonstrated a fantastic ability to adapt to new surroundings after 55 years, but one thing that won’t change is the emotion and happiness on his face whenever his mum and brother arrive to visit him several times per week.

Wayne’s support services included:

If you or someone you care for would like to find out more about the support services we can provide, get in touch with us today.

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