News • 12 May 2020

The key to staying hopeful during COVID-19

Australia is easing out of social restrictions from COVID-19. While this means people can start returning to work and retail can open its doors again, it also allows us to remain ever hopeful for our future. It means not letting our guard down but remaining positive and vigilant.

The past few months have been uncertain, tumultuous and scary for most.

Although we still have a long road ahead, the threat of COVID-19—at least in Australia—is easing and life is slowly regaining normalcy.

Negative news is shifting to more positive outlooks on how restrictions are loosening with social and economic aspects.

Through this national shift in attitude, it’s crucial to remain hopeful and understand how your emotions play key a role in holding out hope.

Your attitude defines your altitude

The late, great author, Zig Ziglar, once said, “It’s your attitude, not your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.”

Simply put, Ziglar recognises the key to success if having a positive attitude and mindset.

When broken down, Ziglar’s quote contributes to the people in your life as well as your own personality, barriers and brain.

Do you surround yourself with positive people and are you challenged by them? Do these people hinder your positive attitude?

It’s just as important to analyse your own positivity barometer—how do you act toward other people, to yourself and do your actions inspire positivity?

Have you inadvertently put up mental barriers that cause negativity? How do you overcome these?

Using Ziglar’s philosophy about positivity will undoubtedly provide more hope in your life.

Reflect on the path that led you here

Reflection is key to learning and to becoming a better person.

Looking back at where you’ve been, what you’ve done and the actions that lead you to this moment ultimately betters your self-worth.

The act of reflecting sparks resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability against future obstacles.

However, when we do take a moment to reflect, we might often feel hopefulness when things around us are totally hopeless. 

Drawing on that connection inspires courage and propels us into defining the person we aspire to be with the mental outlook we want to have.

Focus on the positive

Media coverage is always hyper-focussed on the negative and controversial—it’s what draws attention and gets the most clicks.

In relation to COVID-19, as this new wave of hope and normalcy spreads, so does the media’s attitude.

However, there is still a wide-swinging net of negative news out there. Why not ascertain the good side of the stories you read?

Anticipation for the future

When COVID-19 was first labelled a pandemic, it was almost impossible to see an end in sight.

With the light now blaring out of the tunnel, what are some things you’re most looking forward to?

Retail destinations and hospitality is slowly making a comeback—are you anticipating a nice long lunch with a friend or colleague that’s not via video call?

Are you looking forward to going for a beach run, swim in the ocean or hike your favourite trail?

It’s best to have these small luxuries to keep on the horizon and give you hope once social restrictions continue to loosen. 

Continue the unity of action

Changing our everyday interactions and activities to help flatten the curve, for the betterment of humanity, has been unbelievable.

The global acceptance and willingness to adapt to social distancing, wearing face masks and acting in unison is no small feat.

Think about this: if most people on this planet were able to achieve that, was else could we overcome together?

Continuing to come together for the greater good—especially in these circumstances—provides the best hope for our future post-COVID-19.

To stay up-to-date on COVID-19 (coronavirus) and Open Minds, visit our health alert page. This page will be continually updated as new information becomes available.

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