News • 15 Feb 2022

Chris finds peace in his new home with support from Open Minds

Chris, aged 18, is a Support Coordination and Positive Behaviour Support client of Open Minds and is delighted with his new home in Logan.

Chris had previously found himself in and out of the mental health unit in hospital, and had been desperate for a stable and more permanent home.

Living with ADHD and an intellectual disability meant that Chris required a team who fully understood him and his needs.

Chris said: “I’m proud that I made it into my new home, that I’ve been given good advice from my team, and that I’ve been implementing those strategies which has made a real difference to my life.

“I really like my carers, they really listen to me and I enjoy chatting to them about the podcasts I’m listening to.

“Open Minds has really helped me grow my skills. I haven’t been back into hospital for over two months now which is great.”

When Chris was released from the child safety system, his Open Minds Support Coordinator worked with him to find suitable supports.

Together with the Open Minds Positive Behaviour Support team, the teams pooled all resources to get everything sorted for Chris as quickly as possible.

This included finding him a suitable Supported Independent Living provider where he’s now living harmoniously with a housemate.

Olivia Haua, Specialist Support Coordinator at Open Minds said: “The behaviour support team delivered training to his SIL provider to ensure they know how to respond to his triggers and keep him out of hospital.

“He’s come so far from where he was a few months ago, his success story is a fantastic example of how well someone can thrive with the right funding and the right supports in place.

“Chris’ new home is now less than 20 minutes away from his father’s house so he’s been enjoying reconnecting with his family.”

Next on his list of goals for 2022, is to get his Learner drivers licence and to find a job.

Olivia was able to allocate some of Chris’ Capacity Building funding in his NDIS plan to allow a specialist Occupational Therapist driving instructor to teach Chris to drive.

Chris said: “I’ve just got to do my theory before I can get behind the wheel with my instructor, then I’ll be able to drive my carers around!”

Find out more about our Support Coordination service here, or our Positive Behaviour Support service here.

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