News • 10 Aug 2023

Byron learns new skills with Youth Bloom

Byron, 16, is learning new skills for independence and embracing his cooking skills thanks to support from Open Minds’ Youth Bloom Transition Services.

Byron attends a school on the Gold Coast and has been diagnosed with ASD and ADHD. His favourite subject is science, and he enjoys learning new skills.

He has a passion for cooking, which was noticed by the school Deputy Principal who has recently approved school kitchen use for Byron to continue improving his cooking skills.

While receiving Youth Bloom services, Byron challenges himself on a daily basis, learning many important new skills to support independent living.

Working directly with young people, in a supportive and mentoring role, Youth Bloom Transition Officer, Jasna Josipovic is thrilled to see Byron thriving at school.

“It’s a real pleasure planning new activities for Byron every week and seeing him growing up physically and mentally,” said Jasna.

Open Minds’ Youth Bloom Transition Services is designed to help young people in care and beyond to learn to be independent in a healthy, fun and safe way while also removing any barriers presented by mental health issues.

“Many of our young clients have learning differences that can pose a challenge to connecting with others,” Jasna says. “I’ve learned that if young people feel anxious socially, they will not be open to taking academic risks, so building a culture of belonging has become a priority while supporting our clients.”

“We support them through these challenges and guide them into healthy, stable, and independent lifestyles.

Some of Youth Bloom’s fundamental teachings include:

    • How to set clear goals

    • How to use active learning strategies

    • Learning from someone with more experience

    • Using different learning mediums

    • Practicing newly learned skills.

Youth Bloom Transition Services are available for young people, like Byron, aged between 15 and 21 who live at the Gold Coast or in Logan. There are a range of other services that Youth Bloom provides, from legal support to anger and stress management.

For more information about Youth Bloom, please visit our website or contact us to get in touch with a Transition Officer today.

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