News • 26 May 2021

Reaching new heights and independence

Jas, who lives with Cerebral Palsy, was assisted by the Open Minds team to move into a SDA High Support Needs home. She has access to a hoist and other accessible life-changing features that are improving her quality of life.

Jas has been with Open Minds for 2 years and has 16 hours of support each day, including Supported Indepedent Living, Daily Living and Community Access support.

In 2020, the team at Open Minds assisted Jas to access a SDA High Support Needs home, which has plenty of features to enable her to have more independence than she’s ever had before.

This type of home was required to allow more free movement and independence while using her hoist such as getting in and out of bed and showering.

Jas said: “I can control the hoist by remote. Having the hoist enables me to attend to my personal routine.

“My Open Minds workers help me to get out of bed in the mornings, they assist me around the house with the housework, food prep, and any medication.

“Without the team at Open Minds supporting me, I’d feel lost and alone.”

The home is also built with wider doorframes to accommodate her wheelchair, and lower kitchen benches meaning she can prepare meals and make herself a cup of tea whenever she likes.

Clynt Connor, Open Minds Area Manager for Far North Queensland, said: “We’re delighted to see Jas flourish in her SDA home, our staff have helped to build her capacity to cook and complete household tasks, and as a result her independence is really growing.”

Jas has recently opted to have a few hours a week with no support where she is fully independent – and she’s delighted.

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