Quality and Safeguards

Find out how Open Minds strives to meet National Quality and Safeguards standards

National Standards for Mental Health Services

Open Minds strives to meet the National Standards for Mental Health Services in everything that we do.

In June 2021, Open Minds proudly achieved accredited certification of the Mental Health Standards.

The standards guide us to ensure that we:

  • promote an optimal quality of life for people with mental illness
  • deliver services aimed at facilitating sustained recovery
  • involve our clients in all decisions regarding their treatment and care
  • support our clients’ right to have their nominated carer(s) involved in all aspects of their care
  • recognise the role played by carers, as well as their capacity, needs and requirements as separate from those of consumers
  • support participation by consumers and carers as integral to the development, planning, delivery and evaluation of our mental health services
  • tailor our mental health treatment, care and support to meet the specific needs of the individual client
  • impose the least personal restriction on the rights and choices of clients taking account of their living situation, level of support within the community and the needs of their carer(s)


View the standards guide below: