PHaMs, Programs and Peer Support

PHaMs, Programs and Peer Support

Our Programs and Peer Supported Groups have been designed to offer a non judgemental and inclusive environment.

Our team provide practical assistance to people with mental illness and disabilities to help you achieve your personal goals, develop better relationships with family and friends, and manage everyday tasks.  One-to-one and ongoing support ensures that your personal needs can be met.  

We will assist you to access services and participate socially in your community, increasing your opportunities for recovery.


  • Support with daily living
  • Access to Peer Supported Wellness Workshops
  • Access to Personal Helpers and Mentors Program (PHaMs)
  • Opportunity to participate in Client or Carer Advisory Groups
  • Support in identifying your strengths and achieving your goals
  • Access to social events


  • Reduced isolation and increased community participation
  • Being around others who experience similar emotions and lifestyle
  • Learning from people who have been in your shoes
  • A no judgement atmosphere, to just be yourself
  • An opportunity to help others who may be going through what you have been through
  • Increased confidence and self worth
  • Access to new Social networks
  • Increased independence

“My support worker talks to me. We play Scrabble, which I enjoy because you need to be a smart cookie and brainy.”


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