People with Diverse Backgrounds (CALD)

People with Diverse Backgrounds (CALD)

We pride ourselves on delivering culturally appropriate supports to enable independence and freedom to live in your community of choice.

There are a number of ways we can support you or your loved one to access services to enhance their mental health and wellbeing.  We can help you to connect with your community and meet and share your experiences with others who are Culturally and Linguistically Diverse. 


  • Assistance with daily activities
  • Connect with local cultural advisory and support services
  • Accessing local community groups and activities
  • Identifying personal goals and a plan to reach them
  • reduce language barriers and assist with communication


  • Reduced isolation and improved connection with local community
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased participation in activities
  • Capacity building

Liliana, originally from Poland, had lost touch with her family overseas. With the help of Open Minds and a translator, she was able to hire a genealogist to trace a long-lost cousin.


Open Minds Client

The National Multilingual Disability Hub 

There is a new National Multilingual Disability Hub (hotline and website) that is available to assist participants from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds who speak another language other than English.
Information for CALD communities:
The Hotline is operated by trained bilingual Hotline Specialists who can answer questions in-language about disability, the NDIS and direct callers to service providers who can support people from CALD backgrounds in their preferred language. 
The website contains links to already available in-language information on disability and the NDIS, as well as Service Providers that offer disability services and speak at least one of the 14 languages covered by the website and hotline.
Members from the communities below can speak to the bilingual Hotline Specialists in the following 14 languages:  Arabic, Assyrian, Bangla, Cantonese, Farsi, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Mandarin, Nepali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

MondayArabic1800 960 972
MondayBangla1800 961 059
MondayGreek1800 960 975
TuesdayCantonese1800 960 981
TuesdaySpanish1800 960 979
TuesdayVietnamese1800 960 980
WednesdayAssyrian1800 960 976
WednesdayMandarin1800 960 982
WednesdayTamil1800 961 057
ThursdayFarsi1800 961 056
ThursdayMacedonian1800 960 978
ThursdayUrdu1800 961 058
FridayItalian1800 960 973
FridayNepali1800 961 060

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