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Getting back to work while living with a mental illness

17 Dec 2019

Amanda, from Townsville, who has mental illness, has recently completed a Certificate III in Business Administration and is on track is to re-enter the workforce.

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Why travelling can positively affect your mental health

10 Dec 2019

New research suggests the act of travelling is found to have positive affects on mental health. With Christmas and New Year’s around the corner and plenty of public holidays on the calendar, we discover the link between taking time off and the benefits to your mental health.

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Reconnecting with the community

01 Dec 2019

Being a NDIS participant and client of Open Minds, means Michelle can now be more independent and live a more confident life as she pursues her future goals. Prior to the NDIS, the 54-year-old Chermside resident, who has schizophrenia, experienced paranoia and led a relatively isolated life, trying to manage her condition.

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Award winning Open Minds employee gives hope to clients with mental illness

28 Nov 2019

Stephen has overcome numerous obstacles, including his own lived experience of mental illness and disability, unemployment, and cancer. Stephen went on to win a Mental Health Award and now uses his experiences to work as a Support Worker at Open Minds, inspiring hope in our clients.

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5 podcasts about mental health that you have to hear

26 Nov 2019

No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a podcast for everything. There are plenty of podcasts about mental health support — here’s a list of some of the best rated to subscribe to.

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PTSD Assistance dog gives greater independence for Kylie

18 Nov 2019

Kylie, 47, based in Queensland’s Victoria Point, has a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) assistance dog which enables her to access the community and manage triggers.

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Being kind to animals is good for our mental health

13 Nov 2019

Today is World Kindness Day (Wednesday 13 November), so we’ve taken a look at how being kind to animals can benefit our mental health and wellbeing by reducing stress, anxiety and loneliness, and helping us cope with depression.

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Anna’s brighter life with Supported Independent Living in Bundaberg

12 Nov 2019

Since coming to Open Minds and accessing NDIS Supported Independent Living in Bundaberg, Anna’s life has changed for the better. Things weren’t always easy for Anna, but she now has access to the right equipment and right support to enable her to live life to the full.

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Working with horses is proving beneficial for David

08 Nov 2019

David, aged 46 from Redcliffe, has been able to use some of his NDIS funding for therapy with horses. David, who lives with Schizophrenia, has found that working with these majestic animals has decreased the voices he hears and enabled him to focus.

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Make Movember your month for healthcare

06 Nov 2019

Movember is all about focusing on men’s health and stopping men from dying young from cancer, mental illness, and suicide . Here’s how men can make Movember their month for healthcare.

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Mary Gregory guest post – explaining early years mental health

04 Nov 2019

Early years mental health refers to the first 4 years of a child’s life. Read a guest blog post by Mary Gregory, Clinical Psychologist and PhD Candidate, to find out what impact negative experiences during this time can have on a child later in life, and what we can do to set children up for success.

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10 ways for veterans to tackle insomnia

24 Oct 2019

With Veterans Health Week 2019 approaching, Open Minds has taken a look at 10 ways for veterans to tackle insomnia: a sleep disorder whereby people have difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. Veterans can be especially at risk of insomnia due to traumatic experiences or stressful events in their military life.

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