News • 14 Dec 2018

Working with people, not computers

Meet Roger, a Senior Support Worker for Open Minds based at Stones Corner in Brisbane, responsible for supporting clients to transition through the NDIS and support them to achieve their goals.

Meet Roger, a Senior Support Worker for Open Minds based at Woolloongabba in Brisbane. He is responsible for ensuring client records are up to date, to support their transition through the NDIS and support clients to achieve their goals.

As a Senior Support Worker, Roger also has the responsibility to assess risk, and ensure clients and employee health and safety are a top priority. 

Roger always tries to adjust support to meet the needs of his clients and to respect their choices.

Originally from Nicaragua in Central America, Roger moved to Australia in 2011 with his mother and sister. After gaining valuable experience at Open Minds, he successfully applied for a Support Worker role. 

Even though it was nothing Roger had ever tried before, his manager recognised special qualities in him that would make him a good Support Worker, and suggested that he apply.

“I used to work in sales and marketing in my home country, so it was scary doing something totally new! But my manager recognised that I had a caring personality and a natural instinct to help, and showed real belief in me.”

After four years as a Support Worker and Case Worker, Roger successfully applied to be a Senior Support Worker in 2018.

Roger still works with the team that look after the very first client he supported in 2011, Mark, and they maintain a great relationship.

Mark said: “In the past I’ve been sceptical about support, but Roger, David and the rest of my team have shown me that Open Minds will always give me good support” 

Roger has worked with client Mark since 2011.

In his spare time, Roger enjoys going out with friends and family, being at the beach, and surfing.

Roger said: “By working at Open Minds, you feel as though you are part of a community. Most other Support Workers have been here for years and therefore you benefit from having an experienced team around you, and you feel safe. I have learnt a lot from my colleagues.

“Open Minds has been a school for me, it has offered me an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s been my first professional job in this country and it’s allowed me to flourish.

“The biggest challenge for me is getting clients to trust and open up to me in the first instance, and build that positive relationship. Once the trust is built, teamwork is dreamwork!”

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