News • 08 Oct 2021

Open Minds partners with leading disability support provider, Multicap

Results from a client experience survey conducted in late 2020, reveals that Open Minds achieved a new record in client satisfaction.

Open Minds partnered with Multicap on 7 October 2021. Under the partnership, Open Minds will become a subsidiary of Multicap, remaining as a separate legal identity and retaining its own employees, brand and clients.

Open Minds will continue to deliver on its purpose of enabling an independent and positive future for people living with mental illness and disabilities.

Open Minds Chair Ms Louise Cox said the partnership would give clients more access to service choices, support and accommodation options. 

“And for our staff, it means access to a wider range of training and career development opportunities,” Ms Cox said.

“At the heart of this decision are the interests of our clients and their families, our staff and members – together we can look forward to a brighter expanded future.”

Open Minds Chief Executive Officer Ms Paula Mayson said there would be no change for frontline staff and clients of the organisation.

Corporate Services – such as people and culture, finance and payroll – from the two organisations will combine to provide shared services across the two organisations.

“When considering this partnership, one of the very important aspects was that there were minimal job losses and we have worked very hard to ensure this is the case,” Paula said.

Multicap Board Chair Ms Angela Tillmanns said the two organisations shared a similar purpose and vision.

“Together Open Minds and Multicap have a history of more than 160 years of providing support for their clients,” Ms Tillmanns said. “The partnership will strengthen both organisations and allow us to deliver a greater diversity in service options to our customers and provide expanded career opportunities for employees.”

Multicap Chief Executive Officer Ms Joanne Jessop said together the organisations have a tremendous opportunity to influence people’s lives.

“There are a whole lot of unmet needs in our community and coming together strengthens our ability to meet the needs of the people who need us,” Ms Jessop said. “We’re excited to roll up our sleeves and continue to do what we do best – deliver support that enhances the lives of our clients, customers and their families.”


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Rebecca Griffin, 0413 918 691, [email protected]

About Open Minds

Open Minds is a leading provider of mental health and disability support services in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. With more than 100 years of history, Open Minds is committed to its purpose of enabling an independent and positive future for people living with mental illness and disabilities. Open Minds is also a registered NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider, with more than 500 employees spread across 30 locations.

About Multicap

Multicap was founded in 1962 and today, is one of Queensland’s largest providers of disability support, assisting more than 1200 people with disability and their families throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. Multicap provides accommodation, respite, assisted employment and training, specialist services, activities and classes, and social support. Multicap employs more than 1500 staff throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

CEO of Multicap, Joanne Jessop (left and CEO of Open Minds, Paula Mayson (right)

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