News • 27 Jun 2022

A life changing decision that brought great reward

A life changing decision that brought great reward

Tricia, an Open Minds’ North Region Care Leader can proudly declare that she fortuitously found her calling overseeing Supported Independent Living apartments as part of a state-funded housing program.

Following a life-changing event several years ago, Tricia took the opportunity to revaluate what she wanted and decided a career in hospitality was no longer for her.

Tricia set out to pursue a career helping others, and after obtaining a dual Diploma in Counselling and Community Service, joined Open Minds as a Support Worker in 2016.

“As soon as I joined Open Minds, I could see the potential for a rewarding career with room for professional growth,” Tricia explains.

Open Minds recognised huge potential in Tricia, and she was soon promoted to the role of Care Leader overseeing a team of Support Workers.

“I was so lucky to inherit the most wonderful team,” says Tricia. “They are professional, dedicated and incredibly responsive. They make my job easier, and they make our clients feel empowered.”

Tricia and her team support approximately 16 residents in an apartment block providing sustainable housing and support through the concierge SIL model of service.

The intention is to provide a place of healing for these residents who are at various stages of recovery from complex mental illnesses and disabilities, and social issues such as domestic violence and homelessness.

Tricia says she and her team take a holistic approach in supporting their clients, and finds simple pleasures have a big impact in rebuilding their confidence and independence.

“Things like getting involved in our communal veggie patch, spending time with our therapy animals or creating art give our clients purpose, joy and connection,” Tricia explains.

“It makes my team and I so proud to enable this and provide support and choice for the individual needs of each person living here,” Tricia says.

Tricia acknowledges that changing careers gave her the opportunity to have a meaningful impact in other people’s lives, and with her team, she wants to continue making a positive difference.

A career with Open Minds can be rewarding and full of potential, just like Tricia’s. To find out more about working with Open Minds, please visit our website.