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Improving the mental health of communities – introducing RANZCP

RANZCP has chosen to sponsor the Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards again for forth year running. With the Awards now less than a month away, find out how RANZCP aims to improve the mental health of communities through high quality psychiatric care, education, leadership and advocacy.

Introducing RANZCP

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) is a membership organisation that trains, supports and represents psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand. It also advocates for better mental health for our communities.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who are experts in mental health.

The RANZCP is the peak body representing psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand. Most psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand are members of the RANZCP. 

RANZCP has almost 6500 members bi-nationally, and Queensland currently has approximately 800 Fellows and 300 trainees.

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What is the mission / purpose of your organisation?

RANZCP’s vision is to improve the mental health of communities through high quality psychiatric care, education, leadership and advocacy. We aim to:

  • Advance the profession of psychiatry through the delivery of best practice training, continuing professional development and high quality psychiatric care.
  • Improve the mental health of communities by working with stakeholders to support high quality psychiatric care. 
  • Meet the needs and expectations of members to enhance the value of their membership whilst ensuring the sustainable growth of the College.

How/why/when did your organisation begin?

The College’s history dates back to 1946. The development of psychiatric training in Australia and New Zealand has been central to the College since its early years. 

Tell us about the services you provide?


  • manages the training program that doctors complete to become psychiatrists
  • sets professional standards for psychiatrists to follow
  • works with governments and a range of health and community organisations to improve mental health for everyone
  • speaks up for people living with mental illness
  • helps psychiatrists to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date through conferences, medical journals (Australasian Psychiatry and the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry) and through our continuing professional development program
  • publishes clinical practice guidelines, position statements, policy documents, guides for the community, submissions and reports.

Tell us a bit about your organisation’s key goals for this year? 

The RANZCP Queensland Branch has been advocating to the Queensland Government for:

  • Increased staffing in community mental health treatment services.
  • The establishment of a dedicated inpatient unit for patients who are assessed as complex and high-risk.
  • More mother-baby inpatient units and perinatal community mental health services
  • A new state-wide specialist inpatient and integrated community service to support and treat people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and people on forensic orders (disability).
  • A health workforce plan for Queensland to address shortages in the allied health workforce.

Why is your organisation committed to reducing stigma around mental health?

The lack of appropriate mental healthcare remains a serious issue for Queensland with high rates of suicide and mental disorder in the community.

Queensland’s vision for deinstitutionalisation has not yet been fully realised, and the road to recovery for our most vulnerable remains very difficult.

We need government to take a lead in reducing stigma around poor mental health by creating a healthcare system which supports economic and social participation for those affected by mental illness.

As psychiatrists, our aim is to prevent and treat mental disorders by supporting and promoting good mental health.

RANZCP is committed to providing the highest-quality treatment for consumers and believe the people of Queensland deserve a first-class mental health system where people can access the right type and level of care, when they need it. 

Why have you chosen to sponsor the QLD Mental Health Week Achievement Awards?

The RANZCP Queensland Branch has proudly sponsored a Mental Health Week Achievement Award each year since 2016.

We recognise and value the many organisations working hard to reduce stigma and provide support to people affected by mental illness.

This year, we are pleased to sponsor the Jude Begeja – Peer Experience Award.

This award is for individuals or groups who have utilised their direct experience of mental illness to improve the quality of life of Queenslanders living with mental illness.

The RANZCP recognises that people with experience of mental illness, their carers and families have unique expertise and lived experience to help shape mental health policy and practice.

The RANZCP regards community members as an essential part of its governance structure, and the Queensland Branch has been fortunate to have a community member on its Branch Committee.

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