News • 12 Nov 2019

Anna’s brighter life with Supported Independent Living in Bundaberg

Since coming to Open Minds and accessing NDIS Supported Independent Living in Bundaberg, Anna’s life has changed for the better. Things weren’t always easy for Anna, but she now has access to the right equipment and right support to enable her to live life to the full.

When Anna*, age 22, used to live with her family, money was scarce and the family didn’t know how to best support someone living with an intellectual disability.

Anna slept on a mattress on the floor.

Living with mobility difficulties but not having the right equipment meant that Anna often had to drag herself around on the floor using her arms in order to get around the house.

Since Anna was put in touch with Open Minds around a year ago, she now lives in a Supported Independent Living (SIL) home in Bundaberg where she has everything she needs to live life to the full.

Her NDIS package allows for her to access not only SIL, but also important equipment to improve her quality of life.

Anna has an electric adjustable bed, enabling her to get in and out of bed with ease and put her feet up when needed.

She also now has a wheelchair, with her mobility declining further this was essential for Anna to be able to still get out and about independently.

Her Open Minds Support Worker, Georgina, is delighted with the progress that Anna has made.

Georgina said: “Anna now has all the equipment she needs, such as a shower chair, wheelchair, remote controlled bed, and more.

“The wheelchair makes a huge different to her life; it’s safe and means she can’t fall over, and she’s got the independence to wheel herself wherever she likes whenever she likes.

“She even took up wheelchair basketball which she just loves, it keeps her fit and helps her to make friends.”

Anna’s other hobbies include listening to music, going dancing, bowling, and a variety of activities out in the community. 

Anna attends day service programs on weekdays with Carinbundi, an organisation that Open Minds has built a strong partnership with, enabling her to keep up with her hobbies and interests.

One of Anna’s goals is healthy eating, which includes seeing a dietitian and a GP to help her plan her diet.

Her team of Open Mind Support Workers work closely with her to help her understand what healthy food choices are.

Since Anna has been with Open Minds, she is now able to hear and see better; the team helped to organise glasses to assist with poor eyesight and hearing aids to help her hear and communicate better.

Anna said: “I am very happy living with Open Minds, I have a lot of fun and laughs with my support workers.”

Next, the team will look into integrating some swimming pool activities into Anna’s NDIS plan. 

This will enable her to walk in the pool to build up her strength and mobility.

*Anna’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

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