News • 09 May 2022

Alan embraces a fresh start with the concierge model of service

Alan embraces a fresh start with the concierge model of service

Alan, a Supported Independent Living (SIL) client of Open Minds for the last six years, has recently transitioned to our concierge model of service and is enjoying the peace and independence his new home brings.


Alan previously lived at New Farm in an apartment alongside friend and neighbour, Peter. Peter is also an Open Minds SIL client and moved to the new purpose-built apartments at Loganholme at the same time as Alan.

Although it was difficult for both men to say farewell to their previous neighbourhood, Alan says his new home provides him with fresh opportunities.

”I like that my new home is bigger, more peaceful and allows visitors to stay,” Alan said. “I also get to see my family more often, as they live close by,” he said.

Alan has been supported through his move by the Open Minds support workers who provide 24/7 assistance through the SIL concierge model of service, and Senior Support Worker, Samantha.

Samantha is pleased to see Alan settling into to his new home.

”Ensuring Alan can continue to do the things he enjoys in his new home, such as connect with friends and family, has been an important way to make the move easier for him,” Samantha said.

Alan stated he has a strong interest in Feng Shui and wants to set up his new home in line with Feng Shui principles.

“Helping Alan to set up his new home in line with feng shui principles will be a wonderful way for him to take ownership of his new space,” she said.

Alan also enjoys browsing the shops, having takeaway and getting to know the congregation at his new local church. The location of his Loganholme apartment means this is all within easy reach for Alan, either by a short bus ride or if driven by a support worker.

Samantha worked with Michelle Edge, Open Minds Care Leader to organise a housewarming barbeque for Alan and Peter where other support workers and Glenn Thompson, Open Minds’ Area Manager – South West, joined the celebration.  

”I really liked having the barbeque, and I’m looking forward to future barbeques now that I have the space to do it. The balcony at my old apartment was half the size of the new one,” Alan said.

Alan now hopes to become acquainted with the local library and find some interesting documentaries on Netflix on his new television.

Although Alan has embraced the changes that have come with the move, he is grateful that some things have stayed the same.

”I really like that Peter is still my neighbour. It is good to have a familiar, friendly face nearby,“ Alan said.

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