Rebecca Kim

Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Rebecca began working as a Support Worker in 2009 and has undertaken a variety of roles within the industry since then. This includes working as a Team Leader, NDIS Consultant, and a Care Coordinator before eventually moving into the positive behaviour support space.  

Rebecca focuses on building strong rapport and trust with customers, their guardians and support teams, and all other stakeholders to ensure a holistic and connected service. Rebecca will complete direct and indirect assessments to construct a Positive Behaviour Support Plan, and will implement strategies and monitor these throughout the duration of the plan.  

Rebecca said: “I was attracted to positive behaviour support as it allows me to provide specialised support to our customers to improve their quality of life. I can now dedicate my time to understanding our customers better and what they need from their support, and it’s always rewarding to see the plan beginning to change people’s lives for the better.”